Used Car Finance Pompano Beach, FL

If you are in Pompano Beach, Florida, and are looking to buy a car but need to secure the finance first, then Citywide Auto Group LLC can help you. Car finance is a simple and effective way to pay for your new or used car.

We have accepted applications from people in Florida with the following credentials: Good Credit, Bad Credit, No Credit, First-Time Buyer, Low-Down payment, etc.

Why get car finance with Citywide Auto Group LLC?

Citywide Auto Group LLC makes finding car finance in Florida easy because we understand your circumstances from the start, including your needs and budget. We can explore all the options with our panel of lenders.

Our friendly and experienced team will walk you through everything from monthly payments to deposits to loan terms. Even if you don’t know what type of car you want, our team can help you determine what type of car and car financing is right for your budget.

Contact us today to see how we can help you find used car finance near Pompano Beach, FL.